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Myblade: A unique blade made for you!

  • One-off, custom made table tennis blades of superior  craftmanship for absolute control and beauty.

  • Each blade is designed and crafted according your wishes to fit your  style of play and the rubbers you use: a blade made just for you!

  • The quality of the materials used and the construction techniques  ensure an unrivaled feedback, a huge sweetspot  and long lasting satisfaction.

  • Combination blades ideal for players who use  pips-out rubbers on backhead or just want different playing characteristics on each side of  the blade.

  • Symmetrical blades for those who want more speed, accuracy and control than commercial blades.

  • You may choose among different core materials and various veneer combinations to compliment  the rubbers you use and among a number  of blade and handle shapes and sizes to fit your grip.

  • Let us know your playing style, your rubbers and blade requirements,  we shall be happy to discuss it with you and make proposals for a unique, personal blade.

  • Or, if you have made up your mind about the type of blade you want, we can manufacture one for you, perhaps with a handle you cannot find elsewhere. For example, we can make a clone of a market blade (if we know its composition) with a handle that fits your palm and you cannot find in the market. 

  • You can have your blade cut into the shape and size you wish, you may even send us a scanned trace of the shape to cut. If you wish, you may have your name or logo engraved  on the handle or the face at no extra charge.


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