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A custom made blade, 5 plies of wood and 2 plies of Arylate Carbon, as shown above.


Model:  a151R

Composition:  koto-ALC-limba-kiri-limba-ALC-koto

Weight: 87g

Thickness: 5.9mm

Size:  158X150mm

Stiffness:  Stiff

Hardness:  Medium

Balance:  Center

Handle: FL  (cedar and ayous solid woods)


A fast blade with great control due to the Arylate Carbon layers underneath the koto outer plies, making any shots easy.

Its long dwell time makes it perfect for spinning and looping, with soft touch shots due to the koto. Plays well with any rubber, harder rubbers perhaps suit it better. Composition similar to Butterfly Viscaria blade and other manufacturers' with a kiri core.


                                                                                                                                      SOLD (available on request as custom blade)

Other sizes or handles available on request.

Custom made, shipped within 5 working days.


An one-off 5-ply all wood blade as shown above.


Model:  155-2R

Composition:  ash-ash-kiri-ash-ash

Weight: 84g

Thickness: 5.7mm

Size:  158X150mm

Stiffness:  flex

Hardness:  Medium

Balance:  Center

Handle: FL  (cedar, ayous, palisander )


A  blade designed to offer the maximum of control and feel, not so fast but extremely accurate close to the table and at mid distrance. Its flex is great for looping and counter looping with accurate placements. Ideal for players who want to develop their skills and win matches they haven't dreamed before. Its composition is unique (similar to Nittaku Violin), all  plies glued with proprietary made hide glue for extra soft feeling. An ALL+ or maybe OFF- blade,  matches well with hard tacky rubbers. With a wooden edge band to protect the kiri core.



                                                                                                                                    SOLD  (available on request as custom blade)

 Other sizes or handles available on request (custom made blade).

 Shipped within a working day

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