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If you want to discuss the creation of your personal, unique blade  or if you have any questions, please email us at

Let us know your style of play, the type of rubbers you use and your choise of wood, handle and shape according to our material inventory. We will make our proposals and after finalizing all of the details, we will email you a PayPal Payment Request which must be paid before we start working on your blade. We will keep contact by sending you photos of the work in progress and finalising details of handle.

Please note that hardwoods and veneers are not industrial products and therefore it is possible that some of  them may be not available at a given time and also that the design of the handle will be based on the availability of certain hardwoods.


PRICES       All-wood blades:                                           130,00  euros plus shipping


                      Composite blades (5+2):                              155,00  euros plus shipping

                                             for extra carbon plies (5+3 or 6+3)  contact for a quote 

                                             for  ZLF add 6,00 euros for each ply                                                    

                     Package and Shipping  Europe:                                              17,00   euros  

                                                           Worldwide:                                         21,00   euros




                                                     (Shipping by registered airmail with tracking number)




RETURNS are accepted only in case of item damaged during transport  (free replacement).

REPAIRS are possible if blade is hit at the edge, send us the blade and we will repair it free                   of charge (you only pay for the return postage). General repair is also possible, as                    well as change of outer wood plies. Send photos for a quote.


Each blade usually takes 7 to10 days to manufacture.

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